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Hoping to Adopt - Open Arms Adoptions

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Answers to your most likely questions

What kinds of children do you place?
What is the home study?
Who is eligible to adopt from your agency?

A peek inside successful adoption

Understanding Adoption process

The Orientation is for you to get to know us an an agency, to learn more about adopting, to understand your options in adoption, how it works in Louisiana, the adopting parents’ requirements, and to review your personal situation and options. We will also review information about birth parents and what they are required to do and how all the parts works. There is no charge for your orientation. We want all your questions to be answered!

The Adoption Application is fully downloadable from this site. Once we have completed the Orientation and you are ready to begin, follow the Application directions regarding the forms and the copies of documents we need, then contact us to begin!

We have always tried to keep adopting affordable and accessible. Click here to review the current Fee Schedule. Fees are due at the time of each service. For example you will pay your Home Study Fee at the time you begin the home study. You will pay your Match Fee once you are matched. You will pay the Placement Fee the day your birth mom signs her permanent paperwork. All questions are appropriate regarding fees, so let us know what’s on your mind.

The Adoption Home Study is the process where we get to know you, so that we can determine if you are ready to adopt, if adoption is your best option, and so forth. We want to represent you well in the home study document, as well as complete all the required topics we need to cover, and gather all the required documents that need to be on file. The home study process is more of a preparation and education process, than a “show us how perfect you are” process. We work with a variety of families as birth mothers have a variety of preferences and connections. We look forward to meeting you and walking with you through your adoption!

As soon as your home study is complete, we recommend that you work with Parentfinder.com to create your entire profile package which will be engaging, hopeful and bring out your unique personalities. Through this program your profile will also be shown on several sites to maximize exposure to birth moms who are generally using their cell phones to gather all the information they want to review. If you already have a print or email profile created, and your home study is complete, then send to us the email version that you have, or that you created for your print version, so that we can enter your picture and basic info while you get your Parentfinder.com profile completed. Many birth moms are choosing their parents from these web based profiles and then contacting the agency working with the parents they are interested in learning more about. You would be surprised by the little things that make the connection with birth moms. Just be you!

We will be walking with you during the hospital stay and placement, as well as after the placement once you go home with the child. Regular home visits are scheduled over a six month period to ensure you have the information you need regarding the child’s adjustment, your adjustment, expectations, common reactions of adopting parents, comments from well meaning friends and family, and a host of other topics to assist you to adjust as a new family! During those first 6 months our attorney will be filing a variety of paperwork to ensure that the adoption is fully legal so that their is never a question regarding the permanency of the adoption. We then petition the finalization through the Court, and request the new birth certificate. Even after the adoption is finalized through the Court, we are still here for you for questions, support, information and education. And maybe a second child!