We like to have a variety of people in our pool of waiting families so that a variety of birth moms will have choices in families they can identify with in choosing their family. Here are the ranges of adopting parent descriptions:

AGE: Most adopting parents are in their 30’s and 40’s, but we are open to younger and older applicants as well. Let us know your situation.

MARITAL STATUS: Most of our birth moms are single parents already and they tend to request married couples. However there are circumstances in which we are glad to work with single parents. Again, let us know your situation.

RESIDENCE: Generally we place with Louisiana families of various races and blends. We place with out of state families when the mother requests an out of state family, or when we do not have an available family according to the infant’s needs or the birth mother’s requests. At this time we are accepting out of state adoptive families who are African American or bi-racial African American and white, or who have adopted an African American child and desire a sibling of the same background.

RELIGION: Adoptive parents can be of any mainstream religion or no religious affiliation. Birth mothers have different preferences.

FINANCIAL: Adoptive parents do not have to be rich, but do need to show their ability to raise the child to adulthood, including the provision of medical insurance, and other provisions for the child’s stability in case of parental death or disability. We will review your employment and financial situation with you.