We are always amazed by the strength and wisdom of the birth moms we work with making their adoption plan. We will walk you through the steps, getting to know you, what you want and what you are comfortable with, and what your needs are. These days adoption is very individualized – there are not a lot of “you have to …” We will meet with you regarding your options and work with you to decide on your options. We will be preparing you for how you may feel during pregnancy, the hospital stay, and after the placement. You will not sign any permanent paperwork until three days after you give birth. We will collect your family and medical history for the child’s medical records. Counseling is available throughout the pregnancy, hospital stay, as well as after the adoption placement. Our goal is for you to feel proud of your selfless and difficult decision, and confident in where your child is, who will be parenting him or her, and what the future holds. Contact us to get started!