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I'm Pregnant - Open Arms Adoptions

    We support safe and stable housing and recommend that if you are safe and stable where you are now, that you continue living there where you are comfortable. We will assess your situation as we get to know you and if housing is a need, or if there is a financial or domestic or other crisis, we will work with you and the family you have chosen, to formulate a plan to arrange safe and stable housing.


    Fortunately, all insurance plans including Medicaid, will pay all or most of your medical costs for the pregnancy and delivery. Insurance, including government plans, want every child to get off to the best start in life, and therefore pay for pregnancy health care and delivery. You can choose any doctor and hospital who accepts your insurance plan or Medicaid. Should you need additional medical services or prescriptions that your insurance or Medicaid does not pay for, we are glad to work out a plan with the adopting parents you have chosen, to assist with these costs for you and your baby’s healthcare.


    If you do not have transportation access to health care and basic necessities, we will make every effort to arrange whatever transportation methods are available in your community so that you can access these. Your transportation needs will be part of our assessment of your situation, and state law allows us to arrange or pay for transportation to and from any medical appointments, or appointments with us, so let us know what your personal situation is. We will want to have back up plans in place to make sure you are able to keep all your prenatal care appointments and to get to the hospital on time when you go into labor!


    If you are in an unusual situation, maybe lost your job, or other crisis, and now cannot afford rent, food, utilities, medical or medical transportation, state law allows us to assess your situation, and work with the parents you have chosen to adopt your child, to arrange a plan that would best assist you through the financial crisis during your pregnancy. Your health and welfare are most important, so keep us aware of your needs and situation.

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Answers to your most likely questions

Does the birth father have to participate
How do I make an adoption plan
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A peek inside a successful adoption

How Adoption Works

Let us know how you prefer to be contacted by clicking on the birth mom contact click here. We will follow up between 5 minutes to 24 hours. If your child is already born, please let us know the urgency so we can contact you asap, or call 318-798-7664 immediately. If you just want to ask a few questions or if you are ready to come in and talk, either way is fine and we look forward to working with you. If you wish, you can download and complete the Initial Paperwork click here and/or the Medical Genetic Paperwork click here, and bring with you to the first meeting. Or you can wait until after we meet to complete the paperwork. We are here to assist you!

During your pregnancy we will be working with you regarding your health and welfare options and your adoption plan. You may need assistance with your parents, boyfriend, fiance, or husband, or they may need information and want to come in also. You may be in the beginning stages and need lots of information regarding everything. We assist birth moms who are in all stages of the pregnancy, those who have already delivered, and those who have tried to parent, but it is just not working out the way they expected. There are many options, and we will assist you with them all, one by one. We will be preparing you for the kind of adoption you desire, such as if you want to choose the parents, meet the parents, or talk to them on the phone, or text, or have no contact. We will make sure we understand how you want your hospital stay to go and that you know your options in the hospital. We will prepare you for how you may feel and react after delivery and placement, and what you may expect to feel in the future. We will also discuss future contact options and post placement counseling. In short, we are here for you before, during and after!